Workflow of TFBSbank
Highlights of TFBSbank

1A comprehensive functional anotation database for the TF binding of human and model species. In total, 1870 ChIP data sets of 617 TFs from 5 species (human, mouse, fly, worm and yeast) are included in TFBSbank.

2Our database predict putative cofactors/collaborators and enriched motifs based on ChIP data, as they are crucial for the in vivo functions of TFs.


Introduction of TFBSbank

The transcription factor (TF) genome-wide binding data has been extensively generated in the past few years, which poses a great challenge to the currently limited data interpreting capacity. Therefore, comprehensive and dedicated functional annotation databases for TF-DNA interaction are in great demands to manage, explore and utilize those invaluable data resources. Here, we constructed a state-of-the-art and user-friendly platform ‘TFBSbank’ which houses the annotation of 1870 ChIP data sets of 585 TFs in 5 species (human, mouse, fly, worm and yeast). There are mainly 5 functional modules in TFBSbank aimed at characterizing chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) peaks, identifying putative targets, predicting TF responsive enhancers, revealing potential cofactors/collaborators and discovering enriched TF motifs. TFBSbank has two distinctive features compared to the existing databases. Firstly, we provided putative cofactors/collaborators analysis (for Drosophila melanogaster), as they are crucial for the in vivo functions of TFs. Additionally, this database predicted the enrichment of both known and de novo motifs based on ChIP data. TFBSbank is freely accessible at